Recognition & Appreciation

Through Vinda’s comprehensive approach, which includes staying competitive by aligning with market trends.


Growth Opportunities & Recognition

Through Vinda's comprehensive approach like competitive annual increments aligned with market trends

Performance Rewards

Through our performance bonus benefit, we've established a dynamic framework that meticulously assesses your contributions. Our performance evaluation system is designed for transparency and fairness. Annually, we express our appreciation for your hard work with a performance bonus that embodies the value you bring to our team.

Festive Incentive

Our festive incentive is designed to add an extra sparkle to your financial health, allowing you to revel in special occasions and holidays with even more joy. 

Staff Purchase

As a valued member of our team, you now have the unique opportunity to enjoy Vinda's exceptional products at special discounted prices. This initiative not only extends our appreciation for your hard work but also empowers you to make savvy financial choices.

Meal Subsidy

Enjoy meals in our canteen with a generous subsidy. It's not just about satisfying your taste buds; it's about nurturing your financial health and overall vitality. Join us in indulging food and smart savings, as we continue to prioritize your journey towards a fulfilling life.

Long Service Award

Loyalty and commitment deserve to be celebrated. That's why, at Vinda, we take pride in honoring our dedicated team members with Long Service Awards. These awards are a testament to your enduring dedication and contributions, marking significant milestones in your journey with us at every 5 years - at 5, 10, 15 and etc. Your enduring commitment to Vinda is truly valued, and these awards are our way of expressing our gratitude for being an integral part of our success story.